We have a deep understanding of modern occupiers’ needs, delivering the highest customer satisfaction and performance ratings in the industry.

Enhance your portfolio's worth

By joining forces with landlords, we elevate buildings into lively centres of work, enriching your portfolio’s value with reduced risk.

How we create value


Minimise turnover by facilitating tenant expansion into flexible office spaces, encouraging dependence on in-building services.


Boost rent throughout the building via sought-after amenities, superior service standards, and enhanced worker productivity.


Achieve superior market valuation by drawing high-calibre tenants from leading firms.

Our Workspaces

Johnson Corner offers dedicated and shared workspaces for individuals and teams.


Exclusive, green star-rated suites for innovative teams, enhancing productivity and privacy.

Services & Amenities:


Versatile office spaces from 2 to 9 seats; fostering collaboration and growth.

Services & Amenities:


Dynamic coworking environment with hot desks and dedicated desks, sparking creativity.

Services & Amenities:

Need a custom workplace for a large team?

Custom workspaces for the changing world of work. 
Johnson Corner can design a workplace that meets your business’ needs — even as they evolve. We make it easy for you to let your employees work where, when, and how they want to.

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