How to reimagine your office and worklife for your organisation?

Here are the most frequently asked questions we’ve had from organisations who are reimagining their office and work-life in the new world at work.

Many organisations are adopting new ways of working as they navigate the best options for their people and business. There is no one-size-fits-all solution—Workspace solutions will be different for every organisation, which is why we’ve developed a range of solutions.

Here are the most frequently asked questions we’ve had from organisations who are reimagining their office and work life for their staff.

What makes an ideal workspace today?

An ideal workspace is resourceful, accessible, safe, and desirable. It promotes a sustainable worklife that drives high performance. It is an activator of culture, brand, processes, and practices. It nurtures a network of human relationships organised efficiently towards a common goal. It is designed, built, and managed by one vendor that understands your organisation. It is accessible on flexible lease terms. It has all the amenities you need.

How are top organisations navigating the new ways of working and reimagining their office space portfolio?

Every organisation and culture is different, and so are the circumstances of every individual employee. Many have thrived with remote working, and equally, many have struggled. People are experiencing different emotions and levels of happiness or unhappiness at different times. The productivity of people who do many kinds of jobs has increased; for others, it has declined. Some styles of virtual collaboration are working well; others are not. Some people are getting mentorship and participating in casual, unplanned, and essential conversations with colleagues; others are missing out. So to determine what will be needed in the future must be a team effort across real estate, human resources, technology, and the business. 

Tough choices will come up for leaders and our role is to support them. Our approach is to help coordinate activities between real estate, human resources, the technology team, and the business.

What types of modern workspaces can I access today?

At Johnson Corner, we have a range of solutions available to suit the needs of any organisation. We will work with you to create your workspace by using a combination of the below workspace solutions.

Coworking Space Membership: It allows employees access to a workspace with all the amenities and a community with valuable culture to keep them engaged. We encourage organisations to make this available to all their employees so they feel empowered to design their work life aligned with their objectives. We price our memberships on 60% usage aligning it with trends such as working 3-days in the office and 2-days at home.

Meeting & Event Space, and Production: We are supporting businesses who want to organise annual programmes of events & meetings to bring together their teams in person for high-quality thinking. We provide the space and produce the events for our clients; from planning, and coordinating with remote workers, to catering healthy food.

Dedicated Desks: Get a reserved desk in a shared workspace with shared amenities. This is an excellent solution for regular office users who do not need ample office space but have access to all the amenities and pay for just a desk on monthly terms.

Private office: A fully furnished and serviced office for teams of 1 -20 with shared amenities. This is great for small businesses, satellite teams, startups, and remote teams. We have just added more stock at our Highbrook Business Park location.

Private suites: Private offices on a shared floor with private amenities such as meeting rooms and executive offices. This solution is for larger teams who want a private space with private amenities, all ready to use and make your own. Many businesses are downsizing and opting for this solution.

Full floors: A private floor for your team, with the ability to configure as per your needs, and bring your brand and culture to life. With our active landlord partners, we have access to a vast portfolio and can immediately find a suitable space and configure it. You get to deal with one vendor.

Downsized Headquarters: We can build and manage a new downsized headquarters for you, from design, procurement of lease, build, onboarding employees, managing the property and everyday experience. This is an excellent solution if you want your unique space and lease.

What amenities and services do modern workspaces have today?

Modern workspaces are equipped with plenty of resources for all users. They have hot desks for people to utilise as and when they need them, permanent work stations, private offices, perimeter benching, open phone booths, high-back sofas for sem-private meetings, focus booths, informal cafe-style seating, bar learners for collaboration, enclosed meeting rooms, and home-style kitchen.

Services include concierge-style assistance to ensure everyone has a great day at work, hospitality-focused refreshments, catering services for meetings and events, workplace experience managers for support, mobile app for booking, networking, and consuming engaging content, event programmes, and building relationships.

How do I engage my remote team in our work environments?

Hire a tenant experience manager who will ensure to keep everyone engage digitally, and in physical environments. We provide a dedicated team who can activate this in your existing space, for all the users of your space and all employees. Their role is to navigate the complexities of all users and be the go-to person for everything to do with getting the most out of the work environment. We also deploy our technology stack, integrated with yours, to further activate this.

What does the world at work look like in the long term?

Many organisations are trying different models. Some are choosing to be office-first, some remote-first, and others are going for a hybrid. Don’t be afraid to experiment, now is the best time to do that. Flexible workspaces are a great option to incorporate across your workspace portfolio.

Can I express my own culture and brand in a shared workspace?

Yes, you can. Our spaces are designed to activate your culture, practices, and ways of working. The Johnson Corner is there to enhance your existing brand and culture further.

How does access and security work in a flexible workspace?

There is 24/7 access to our spaces.

Is the IT in flexible shared spaces enterprise-grade?

Yes, it is. We can also add dedicated internet for your team.

Is a flexible workspace financially feasible?

There are no fit-out costs so you avoid the capital needed to create your own space. We take care of all the services, which are paid for in one monthly invoice.

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