Support local businesses, and buy direct.

Adnan and Elle Belushi, Co-founders, Johnson Corner.28. 04. 2020

Today, New Zealand has activated Alert Level 3, and this means, many businesses can open their doors for contactless shopping experiences. 

Around the world, spending locally has become a phenomenon as lockdowns are lifted, because of its economic benefits of keeping money in the local economy, of creating a resilient local marketplace, of creating local jobs, and of building self-sufficient places. Supporting local businesses also increases support for local charities who support the most vulnerable, sports teams, and community initiatives – boosting productivity. 

We wish all the best to the local businesses who have worked hard to reopen, joining the essential businesses in recreating vibrancy in our communities and strengthening our economy.  

In light of all businesses reopening today, we are highlighting a few local businesses in Central New Plymouth that we will be supporting.

Baby Love

Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 8.50.13 PM.png

Baby Love is a great local business to support if you have expecting friends or children’s birthday parties. We will sure be supporting them to get a few essentials for our children. Their online store is now open for all orders. 

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Billow Bakery


Billow Bakery is one of our favourite places to start our day. Their sourdough bread, pastry, and coffee always inspire us to travel to Europe and enjoy great food. Also, if you’re a decaf coffee lover, we reckon they make the best in town! 

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Businesses that have recently started will need our support more than ever. Bleached make great coffee using Allpress Espresso. To get started, download the ‘Regulr’ app and place your order for contactless pickup. 

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Burger Fuel


Our good friend and owner of Burger Fuel New Plymouth, Eddie, has done an incredible job taking over and growing this local business into further success. Order online on their website for contactless pickup.  

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Craft Smoothie


Craft smoothie is a local business that has achieved nation-wide success. They offer healthy smoothie recipes and organic superfood ingredients delivered to your door, so you have everything you need to make superfood smoothies at home. Order now on their website. 

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Eat a Rainbow


‘Eat a Rainbow’ meals are packed with nutritiously balanced goodness and are designed for busy families to nourish their growing kids. We will definitely be ordering a few for our son! 

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Freeman Farms Veggie Box


Freeman Farms offer artisan salad mixes and gourmet fresh vegetables, grown with love using organic inputs. They have relaunched their CSA veggie box due to high demand, which is an ongoing commitment to accessing fresh produce straight from the farm.  

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Fresh World


We have been a big supporter of Fresh World for a couple of years now, due to our love for supporting local grocery shops. We are excited to see them back, and we hope that you all can support them. 


Gamma Ray’s


Gamma Ray’s make the best burgers in town. They can also turn any burger on the menu into a plant-based burger. Given that we live a plant-based diet, this makes Gamma Ray’s our favourite place to go for burgers. Don’t forget to grab their fries which makes for a yummy side.  


Grow Easy


Grow Easy is a local business that we will be supporting this year. Started by Abbie at age 11, Grow Easy offers a wide range of easy-care terrariums, perfect for adding to your working-from-home office space. 


Hello Avo


This is another excellent business we have discovered and will be supporting dearly. Hello Avo delivers spray-free, squeeze-free, fresh off the tree avocados – hand-picked from the family Orchard to your front door. They have just wrapped up their season and will be back in July, so don’t forget to set a reminder. 

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Our favourite Indian-Malaysian restaurant in town. Before the lockdown, Koi was a regular takeaway spot for us so we can’t wait to indulge again. 

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Mr Ralph


The Great Lockdown has inspired us to be creative and think of all the great interior projects we want to undertake in our rooftop apartment. We were lucky enough to install some lights from Mr. Ralph before the lockdown, and we are excited to see them back up and running. So call J and start executing on your interior design projects which you have been planning during the lockdown. 

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Ms White


Handrolled pizzas, 100% true to tradition. One thing we have missed the most is pizza so we can’t wait for some Ms White Pizza. 

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Popletta is another local business we will be supporting. How can you not love Italian meatballs, and they also do plant-based meatballs which we can’t wait to try. 




Just like us, I’m sure many of you are ready to add new books to your reading list. Now is the time to ditch the Kindle and grab hard copies as you support a local business. Poppies is one of our favourite stores – we love collaborating with them to curate Johnson Corner’s lending library for our members. 


Shining Peak


Order your beer from our premium local brewery, Shining Peak. We have been alcohol-free for six months, but we will definitely be ordering some beers for our friends and family. 

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Snug’s menu, designed for sharing, is a take on contemporary Japanese cuisine and yakitori, inspired by fresh and delicious seasonal New Zealand produce. Get your Snug fix at home via phone and collect. 

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The Virtue


A great local store to shop for candles, gift items, homeware, artwork, and more. They are back online this Thursday, delivering via contactless shopping experience. 

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Tropical Treasures


Tropical Treasures is behind all the plants at Johnson Corner. Now is the time to order some new plants and get on with that gardening project. 


Unbaked Bakery

94616779_154606469422951_464377837913532The Unbaked bakery has been a recent favourite for desserts. They offer beautiful cakes, savouries, raw slices, bliss balls and cheesecakes. Place that order, you won’t regret it. Visit WebsiteThere are many other incredible local businesses that we haven’t mentioned so please support as many local businesses as you can. Enjoy!