Kite Support is the app everyone needs in this moment


Anna Stevenson, NZ Business Manager, The Kite Program

The Kite Program initially started out as a well-being support app for new mothers and has since developed into a multi-faceted professional development program for businesses known as Kite For Business.

Today, we are proud to introduce to you Kite Support. Kite Support is an app created to help guide workplaces through the unprecedented changes brought about by the COVID-19 crisis. The app content is written and designed by leading experts in health, mental health and well-being, including one of New Zealand’s top resilience experts.

Being a nimble and responsive resource, The Kite Program draws upon its user-friendly format to create Kite Support, delivering practical micro-tasks for employers and employees to work through. Read on to find out the three main reasons why Kite Support is the best gift to give your employees right now.

Micro-learning is better for wellbeing

We learn better and adapt to greater success when we are presented with small, digestible pieces of information. Particularly in the current climate, too much information can lead to overload and have the opposite effect of reducing stress. Kite Support offers bite-sized, focused activities, one a day, sent to you via the Kite Support app, at a time selected by you. Giving yourself time and space is a skill that might seem counterintuitive, but is in fact a quick-fire way to calm the mind and process emotions that might be getting in the way of daily productivity. Kite Support lets you work through this and various other skills at your own pace, or you could do them with your work team! 

Achieving goals boosts morale

Kite Support is all about you and your journey to well-being. It is not gamified and it does not ask for your mood rating. Kite is presented in such a way that you are in control of what you choose to focus on and how you adapt to new habits to your everyday life. Each Kite is akin to a page of a good book, a book you can seek counsel from any time you need. Along with practical science-based activities, simple breathing exercises are also included in Kite Support which is an easy and effective way to calm your mind and allow your headspace to clear. Kite Support walks alongside you as consistent support, with an aim to gently guide you through small, effective and enjoyable activities. 

It is the first wellbeing app designed for COVID-19

Kite Support is specifically designed for the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19. Our world has seen a head-spinning change in a very short space of time in response to this virus. Kite Support acknowledges that self-isolation, social distancing, working from home, having children out of school (among other challenges) are all new experiences that can alter our perceptions on relationships, sense of self and productivity. One example of such an activity in Kite is called Limit Bad News. This encourages the user to reflect on what they are reading and watching and identify how it makes them feel. Negative news is all-around at the moment even if we do not actively seek it. Pointers and activities that work toward focusing on positive thinking in these unsettling times are a great way to reduce stress. 

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