Flexible workspace solutions in a world taken over by a pandemic such a Covid-19


A higher level of cleaning 

As the novel coronavirus spreads around the world, flexible office space might emerge as a better workspace outside the home for enterprise professionals. Flexible workspace providers generally maintain a higher level of cleaning spaces as industry-standard. With the global spread of Covid-19, many operators have increased their cleaning efforts as regularly without additional cost implications to members and member companies as these costs are already built into the space-as-a-service pricing.  

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, coworking spaces, like Johnson Corner, have implemented an increased cleaning scope and sanitisation, involving enough stocking of sanitisation products and accessibility of cleaning wipes and hand sanitisation to members. Also, Johnson Corner Community Team has made disinfecting wipes available for members to clean their internal services. They are also conducting regular cleaning throughout the day at peak hours. Johnson Corner also operates state-of-the-art ventilation which increases air circulation and filtration.

Book Workspace or Meeting Room by the hour/day 

Due to Covid-19, I have been working at home with my wife and daughter for about 16 minutes. It’s painfully clear that for certain virtual meetings, I will need to get out of the house. Fortunately, LiquidSpace has the technology to allow me to book an office or meeting room by the hour/day with the most flexible cancellation policies. If you are working from home and need to get out of the house, LiquidSpace is a great resource for you. If you are an enterprise company and you want to offer this to your employees, we can get a branded portal up quickly, implement centralized billing, create spending limits and allow for real-time reporting to understand usage.

More and more companies across the globe are beginning to implement a work from home policy, to combat the spread of coronavirus. Unlike traditional terms of the agreement, coworking offices provide more flexible contracts, making working from home a much more viable option. Members can rent spaces on a month to month basis with built-in flexibility for expansion and contraction of membership seats.

Long-term benefits of flexible workspace solutions

Another benefit of flexible office space is the ability to easily close oneself off from other employees more easily than a traditional office. This reduces the opportunity for the virus to spread, as COVID-19 is spread from person-to-person. Coworking spaces offer solutions to support this, as they typically provide a variety of isolated spaces, allowing their members to work in a much more private environment. Instead of large one-room offices, most flexible offices are divided into smaller office spaces and private rooms. 

Given their flexibility, their approach to cleaning and implementation of new processes, as well as the internal structure of the space and easy options to change terms of agreement when augmenting with working remotely, flexible offices are smart choices considering the developing COVID-19 spread.

We are following the CDC’s updates and recommendations with regards to the coronavirus. Most importantly – if you are not feeling well, please stay home and take care of yourself!  Our world needs to continue to work together to keep our community healthy and safe.