3 ways to enhance employee experience


Living in a world filled with uncertainty, finding ways to improve employee experience can provide significant benefits to creating a safe culture which boosts creativity, innovation, and retention. 

In recent years, organisations have invested significantly in initiatives that enhance employee experiences, such as workplace redesigns, flexible work policies, reskilling opportunities, offering health and wellbeing perks, and more. Employees that are emotionally invested have greater confidence in contributing. 

Some of the reasons why employers get disengaged are; Frequent complaints, Constant excuses, Refusal to help out, Lack of initiative, Increased mistakes, Drop-in growth, Few questions, and Refusal to collaborate. 

There are three ways businesses can shape investment in enhancing employee experiences. 

Aligning expectations

Organisations must understand what they can deliver based on available resources and how the initiatives align with company priorities. Once these are in place, including employees in creating a vision for employee experience.    

Speaking to employees regularly to understand their current experience and adjusting for alignment with company priorities is an important part of the process. Workshops are also great for creating blueprints that help enhance their experiences.  

Workspace design has a huge role to play in engaging employees. 

Personalising experiences

Creating a platform where employees can share their ultimate experiences will help create a benchmark for other employees to seek. Celebrating these experiences encourages the constant sharing of experiences. 

If employees lack experience and confidence in a subject, then that will reduce engagement and ultimately their experience at work. Providing personalised training to all employees will help drive more engagement. 

To provide personalised experiences, create a safe environment for sharing improvements is important. 

Workspace design can solve for many of these one-on-one connection needs,

Creating moments that matter

Employees always remember the positive and negative moments that matter to their workplace experiences. These stay with employees for many years and shared with other colleagues and their professional network. Focus on creating a positive experience, regularly reflect on great achievements, and reducing the focus on negative experiences. 

As organisations deal with the pandemic, regularly sharing highlights of how employees are supported will be critical. 

Enhancing employee experience means increasing the rate of retention, building a great culture and image that others want to be part of. Employees will also work harder to achieve customer satisfaction, innovation, reputational goals. 

Employee engagement is the outcome of factors such as employee expression, providing the right tools, promoting positive relationships, and the physical workspace acts as the core of creating great initiatives that enhance employee experience.